About Us

Our expertise lies in our fascination with material.  With creative backgrounds, we love to explore papermaking through texture, color, and fiber.


paper + print

 Our papermaking studio is outfitted to make a piece of paper from pulp to product, varying in size and pigment.  We work with cotton, abaca, and kozo fibers.  Petal and plantable paper are our favorite products to make, though we love to make them all! The numerous ways we can add material during the process allows endless room for exploration. Our shop size allows for a sizable and relatively quick production output.

 We transfer design work to products through screen printing.  Our print shop allows us to print on paper and fabric.  We're specially equipped to print small to extra large sizes in both mediums.  The imagery we work with references our interests in art and design.

female founded

 We offer a line of handcrafted paper products and an assortment of home goods produced by two independent female designers.   Our print and paper products are made in-studio using the greenest processes in papermaking and screen printing. Influenced by the natural world and contemporary imagery, we hope to bring fresh bodies of work to those interested in sustainable products.